Success Stories
Dianna Saa
Finish Fit boot camp has demonstrated to me that I am VERY capable of pushing my body to its limits. Prior to starting the class I was nervous because it had been a really long time since I had been physically active. With Finish Fit I am now 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight, something I had been trying to lose for two years! Thanks Lauren, Brett and Armen for helping me lose 10 pounds in four weeks!

Success Stories
David Binns
My name is David Binns. I began working out three years ago and while I was able to lose weight, I still lacked tone. I began lifting but only showed very small results after a year. Since I have started training with Armen, I have gained about 8 lbs of muscle in a short 3 months. I have more energy, better stamina, and my workout regimen has improved as well to be more rounded. These are things that I tried to do myself by reading books on the subject but that I am now convinced only comes with years experience and an extended education in training. These are both things that Armen possesses and has used to guide me to very favorable results. Using his advice I have improved my diet, and focused on foods that help burn fat and build muscle. My workouts have reached new levels with him pushing me to attain the best results. Armen has also helped me to create a workout schedule for the whole week, not just at personal training. I would recommend personal training to anyone who wants fast results that last.

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Fill Up on Fiber

Four reasons you need more fiber in your diet and how to get it.

Red meat, processed meat, fried foods, packaged foods, refined grains, corn, high-fat dairy, eggs, potatoes, and sugary drinks. What does this list describe? The typical Western diet. Doesn’t sound very healthy, does it?

That’s because this list lacks three food groups that are essential to health and wellness: fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A diet without these three types of foods isn’t just missing out on vital vitamins and minerals, but it’s lacking in fiber. In fact, most people who eat a Western diet only get half the fiber they need per day for good health.

Dietary fiber, sometimes called bulk or roughage, is found in plant-based foods. It’s a carbohydrate that isn’t digested or absorbed by the body, but passes through your digestive system fairly intact. There are two types of fiber: soluble (dissolves in water) and insoluble (doesn’t dissolve in water).

So what’s the big deal about fiber and why did your mom always tell you to eat more of it? Here are four reasons why you need to add more fiber to your daily diet and how to get it.

Lowers Cholesterol

Have high cholesterol? Then you should eat more fiber-rich foods. Foods high in soluble fiber are known to help lower total blood cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. You’ll find soluble fiber in foods such as oats, peas, apples, blueberries, carrots, citrus fruits, beans, barley, and flaxseed.

Aids in Weight Loss

Foods high in fiber fill you up longer than low-fiber foods because they’re dense and take longer to digest. This means you can eat less food and feel satisfied longer—every dieter’s dream. Additionally, many fiber-rich foods take longer to eat because you have to chew them more than other foods. Eating at a slower pace gives your brain time to realize your stomach is full. Foods high in fiber are energy dense, meaning they provide longer-lasting energy with fewer calories. For these reasons and more, fiber is key to a successful weight-loss plan.

Keeps Digestion Moving Along

It’s common for people with low-fiber diets to struggle with constipation, diarrhea, irregularity, diverticular disease, and hemorrhoids. Because insoluble fiber increases the bulk and weight of your stool while softening it at the same time, it’s a proven way to keep your digestive system moving along at a healthy pace. Just be sure to drink plenty of water to make the most of your fiber intake. Great sources of insoluble fiber include whole grains, beans, nuts, green beans, cucumbers, brown rice, carrots, potatoes, and cauliflower.

Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Certain carbohydrates (white breads, pastas, rice, and cereal) cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This is because many carbs are high in simple sugars that are quickly absorbed into the blood. Fiber is a carbohydrate that isn’t broken down by the body into sugar molecules. Therefore, when you eat fiber, it slows the absorption of sugar so your blood sugar is kept in a healthy range. Soluble fiber is especially beneficial for helping control blood sugar levels.

Ways to Get More Fiber

Convinced you need more fiber in your diet? You’re probably right. Increase the amount of fiber in your diet by switching from cereals, breads, and pastas made with refined, white flour to those made with 100-percent whole grains. Include more beans, peas, and legumes in your meals. Add them to salads, soups, and tacos. Plan to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. And snack on nuts, popcorn, fruits, or vegetables.

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