Success Stories
Dianna Saa
Finish Fit boot camp has demonstrated to me that I am VERY capable of pushing my body to its limits. Prior to starting the class I was nervous because it had been a really long time since I had been physically active. With Finish Fit I am now 5 pounds away from my pre-baby weight, something I had been trying to lose for two years! Thanks Lauren, Brett and Armen for helping me lose 10 pounds in four weeks!

Success Stories
David Binns
My name is David Binns. I began working out three years ago and while I was able to lose weight, I still lacked tone. I began lifting but only showed very small results after a year. Since I have started training with Armen, I have gained about 8 lbs of muscle in a short 3 months. I have more energy, better stamina, and my workout regimen has improved as well to be more rounded. These are things that I tried to do myself by reading books on the subject but that I am now convinced only comes with years experience and an extended education in training. These are both things that Armen possesses and has used to guide me to very favorable results. Using his advice I have improved my diet, and focused on foods that help burn fat and build muscle. My workouts have reached new levels with him pushing me to attain the best results. Armen has also helped me to create a workout schedule for the whole week, not just at personal training. I would recommend personal training to anyone who wants fast results that last.

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Health and Fitness News

Disease Detectors

Fear health problems are sneaking up on you? If you’re over the age of 50, taking these screening tests can catch disease in its earliest, most treatable stages.

Before symptoms develop, the best way to catch troublesome health problems is through screening tests. The tests you need depend on your age, sex, risk factors, and family history.

And while you may hate going to the doctor and may put off appointments as long as possible, seeking out appropriate screening tests are one of the most important ways you can take care of your health, so you shouldn’t put them off any longer.

Do yourself a favor and call your doctor today to schedule the screening tests you need. If you’ve reached age 50 or moved well past it, ask about getting these screenings.

Screening 1: Colon Cancer

It’s the third most common cancer, and the earlier colon cancer is diagnosed, the greater your chance for successful treatment. Because of the risk of colon cancer, it’s important for men and women to get screened starting at age 50 and every 10 years after that. People with a family history of colon cancer should get screened starting at age 45. A colonoscopy is the most common screening method, but there are other options. Talk with your doctor about which test is right for you.

Screening 2: Diabetes

Beginning at age 45 and every three years after that, adults should be tested for diabetes. Since a diagnosis of prediabetes can be reversed through diet and exercise changes, the earlier high blood sugar is detected, the better. Being overweight or having a family history of diabetes may mean you need earlier screenings. To test for high blood sugar, your doctor will order a fasting plasma glucose test, an oral glucose tolerance test, or an A1c test.

Screening 3: Vision

Keep your eyesight and eye health in check with a comprehensive eye exam every two to four years starting at age 50. As you age, you may require more frequent exams, and with modern treatment, all sorts of previously incurable eye maladies can be remedied with outpatient surgery.

Screening 4: Bone Density

As you age, you begin to lose bone density. Weak bones can lead to breaks and fractures. Women over the age of 65 should get a bone density test of their hips and spine to test for and/or monitor osteoporosis. The results of the test will determine how often the test needs to be repeated.

Screening 5: Blood Pressure

Millions of people have high blood pressure and don’t know it. This is extremely dangerous, as high blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, eye problems, and kidney disease. It’s common for older adults to have high blood pressure. Adults with normal blood pressure should get a simple blood pressure test every two years. Borderline or high blood pressure should be monitored at least once a year.

Screening 6: Cholesterol

High cholesterol puts you at risk for heart attack and stroke. Keep your cholesterol in check with a cholesterol profile blood test every four to six years. More frequent tests may be needed if you have high cholesterol.

Screening 7: Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and is also highly treatable when found early. Check your own skin regularly for unusual spots and have your doctor inspect your skin once a year.

Screening 8: Breast Cancer

To screen for breast cancer, women need to have their first annual mammogram by age 40 or 45. Starting at the age of 55, they can typically relax their testing schedule to every other year. Monthly breast self-exams are also recommended.

Screening 9: Cervical Cancer

Two more screening tests for women are the pelvic exam and Pap smear to test for cervical cancer and the human papillomavirus (HPV). Pap tests are recommended every three years and the HPV test every five years. Women with three consecutive negative tests can stop getting tested when they’re 65 or older.

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